In our setting we maintain the ratio of adults to children in the setting above that is set though the National Standards for Day Care. We also have volunteer parent helpers where possible to complement these ratios. This helps us to:

  • give time and attention to each child
  • talk with the children about their interests and activities
  • help children to experience and benefit from the activities we provide
  • allow the children to explore and be adventurous in safety

The staff who work at our setting are:



Janet Fane was appointed Manager in 2012 prior to this she was Supervisor, Deputy Supervisor and an assistant, she has also worked on the committee. Janet has over 25 years experience working with the pre-school and holds a Diploma in Pre-school Practice (DPP). Janet is keen to continue her training and has attended many courses including Curriculum Planning, Equal opportunities, First Aid, Food Hygiene, Special Needs, Business Administration, Behaviour Management, Advanced Child Protection, Birth to Three and Makaton signing. She has attended training days on the new Early Years Foundation Stage, Janet meets with local schools and Pre-schools to Share Early Years Expertise. Janet is the groups Safeguarding Children Officer, Behaviour Management Officer and First Aid Officer.


Jennie Mallin was appointed Supervisor in 2012 having joined pre-school in November 2004. She has completed a Getting Started course, NVQ3, Health and Safety, she is our Health and safety Officer and Jennie is first aid trained. Jennie has attended a variety of courses including training days on the new Early Years Foundation Stage. Jennie was appointed deputy in October 2006.


Deputy Supervisor/SENCO

Jackie Keynes joined pre-school as a member of staff in November 1998 having spent many years working on the committee. She is keen to undergo training and completed an NVQ3 in 2002. Jackie is First Aid trained, holds Food Hygiene and has attended an Advanced child protection course. Jackie is the groups SENCO (special educational needs co-ordinator) and attends regular Special Needs courses and meetings. Jackie is a named person with Ofsted to be in charge in the absence of Janet or Jennie. Jackie is currently our SENCO/Deputy Supervisor.


Pre-school Assistants:

Jo Baldwin joined us in September 2002. She holds a DPP qualification and is First Aid trained. She has worked on the committee as bookings officer. Jo has completed training in the new EYFS.

  Liz Morgan joined us in January 2008, she has been on the Pre-school committee. Liz has been a nanny and worked in a local day nursery as supply cover, she holds an NNEB qualification. Liz is first aid trained and will undertake various Early Years training courses. Liz has completed training in the new EYFS.
  Debbie Still joined us in 2006 as supply cover for illness and holidays / inset days and as a one to one helper. Debbie has passed a level 1 course. She took up a permanent position in October 2006. Debbie is First Aid trained. She has completed training in the new EYFS. Debbie passed her NVQ level 3 in May 2011.
  Joanne Coggin joined us in September 2009. Joanne has been on the Pre-school committee. Joanne will study for EYFS training as available, she is First Aid trained. Joanne passed her NVQ level 3 in May 2011.
  Michele Blignaut has been with us since September 2010 and was appointed Preschool Assistant in September 2012. She has now completed her NVQ level 3. Michele is first aid trained, has done an online food hygiene and safeguarding children course as well as attended EYFS courses as available.

Roo Joyner initially joined us as a volunteer for the preschool Committee and then on the staff as our finance officer. She currently combines the finance role and her pre-school assistant role. She has completed training in paediatric first aid, food hygiene and safeguarding, and is currently studying for her Level 3 Early Years Educator qualification.

Jane Shaw joined pre-school in November 2004, she has passed a Getting Started course. She has completed training in the new EYFS.