DIY / Maintenance

There are always lots of DIY jobs available for any parents who are gifted in this area! We organise regular garden/DIY days – keep an eye on the weekly e-mail to see when the next one is!

Below are some of the jobs that currently need doing, if you have expertise or know someone who does PLEASE let us know! We are so grateful to our parents and committee for all their help with the upkeep of our lovely pre-school – we wouldn’t survive without you!

Redesign our mud kitchen, maybe using wooden pallets we have, and erect a roof over the area.

Redesign our bug hotel, using shelving unit, old pots, wood, pine cones etc.

Reposition bolts on gates, lift gate slightly so it opens easily, mend wood slats.

Screw back wooden slats on building, put edging around shingle area by ramp.

Attach YCPS sign to the bottom of signpost at back gate.

Make wooden stepping stones less slippery (cut grooves, pressure wash, stain?)

Check for any rotten wood in tree house legs and replace or mend.

Various items also need painting and staining, posts need cementing, etc.

 Our container roof leaks! If anyone has welding equipment to mend it, that would be FAB! We also need a large ladder to get on the roof.