We are always delighted when we receive feedback from parents and children. Here are just some of the letters and comments we have received:


Some comments from thank you cards July 2015….


“Thank you for being so good at your jobs, you are lovely, kind and caring and we will miss you a lot. Love Thomas”


“The love and care you have shown to Archie and my family has meant so much to us and will be long remembered. With love from team Archie.”


“I really don’t know where to start in thanking you for everything over the last 4 years. Both Leah and Grace have loved their time with you and without you all they wouldn’t be who they are today. I am so pleased I came to visit you when Leah was just a few months old, I immediately knew that YCPS was the right place for her. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking so much care of my children, you really are an amazing Pre-school and I can’t wait to bring childminding children through such a fantastic Pre-school. Love Claire, Steve, Leah and Grace”


“Thank you all so much for all you have done to make Jamie’s time at Pre-school so special. We can hardly believe how much he has changed when we think back to the 2 and a half year old who started Pre-school in February last year, and we are so grateful for the love, care, fun and learning you have provided during that time. We feel he is ready for school now, having received the best possible Pre-school education. Jamie has a special place in his heart for each of you – Janet (Chief bottom wiper), Liz- (Good snap player), Joanne (Expert on bits of plastic in pants!), Debbie (Biscuit/cake activities – the way to Jamie’s heart!), Jane – (For laughing at his jokes!) to name but a few… Thank you all for everything. Love Roo and Rob”


“Thank you so much for everything you have done for Jack over the last 12 months. He has always enjoyed his sessions and has grown up so much. Thanks for helping to get him ready for school, you have given him the most fantastic start. We are really grateful Love from Lorna, Tim, Jack and Esme.”


“Thank you so much for a wonderful 2+ years at Pre-school. Eleanor has loved it, asking to go every day! Thank you for making her first separation such a fun, secure and caring environment, which will send her off with confidence to school. Thank you for all all her extra care too, it really was such a peace of mind knowing she was in such safe hands. Wishing you ll the best for the future Jane, Duncan, and Eleanor.”


“Thank you for looking after Neve so well, in her time with you at Pre-school. She has loved coming here and always wakes up asking if it is a Pre-school day. You have all had a part to play in educating her and making her the individual that she is today. She is a happy, confident child and this would not have been achieved had she not come to YCPS – Keep doing what you do it’s fantastic! Many thanks Juliette, David and Neve”


“What can I say, words cannot express how impressed I have been with you and all your staff, for your love, commitment and support you have shown Archie and all of us since the day we walked through your doors. I know Archie could not have had a better start to his education, you are all stars and I can’t thank you enough. This is not a goodbye, we will be back! (Next quiz night and maintenance day) Love Jill and Lauren”


“To Janet and your amazing team…Thank you for everything you have done over the years for Ethan and Isla. You truly are amazing people. Ange and Scott”


“Isla has loved every minute of Pre-school and your hard work and dedication has meant she is now ready for school. I can’t believe how quickly the time has gone! From times in the car when she has retold the ‘Smartest Giant In Town’ story from start to finish, to the pride she takes in showing a picture she’s created to the small things we know about the staff!! (Jennie is funny because she always calls my pants knic knacs) All of these things have helped to get Isla’s school career off to a great start! Love Jo, Ro and Isla, we will miss you.”


“Dear Janet, Jackie and the wonderful team, Thank you for all of the care, encouragement and support that you have given to Isabella and previously Olivia. We cannot praise you enough for taking care of our girls and allowing them to play, grow and learn. Both girls have enjoyed their time at Pre-school and we will cherish the memories. Thank you again and best of luck for the future. Lindsey and Derek.”


Questionnaire comments July 2015


“The individual care is outstanding.”


What have you liked most at YCPS…. “The AMAZING teachers! Janet is out of this world, she really is what you would wish the perfect teacher to be. The other ladies are truly wonderful and make the kids and parents SO happy and secure.”


“We would like to say thank you from the bottom of our hearts! You have made such an impact on Tayah’s early years (which are her foundations – so important) and set the bar so high for the one’s to follow. We couldn’t have wished for a better environment, with such diverse resources and fun things to experience. The blue journals are so appreciated and will be treasured for EVER. Thank you for making our girl so, so happy – Thank you for being you!”


” ‘My Jennie’ as Samuel’s keyperson is known, has been fantastic… She has really got to know Samuel and has encouraged his interests no-end. As a parent she has been a god send and always on the same page with any concerns.”


What have you liked the most about YCPS… “The fun activities that Jacob gets to do and how he has come out smiling every day! I love how caring and friendly all the ladies are and the feeling of community.”


Has having a keyperson been valuable? “Absolutely, Jacob has such affection for Jo and I think he really likes having his special go-to person.”


“Janet is a legend, she was keyperson to both my children, we have valued her input and care.”


“We are just so grateful that Jack has had a happy time with you. He is so much more ready for the next step. He has gained in confidence, is so much more sociable with a larger group of friends and is eager to learn. We think that is because of the positive experiences and relationships at YCPS.”


How would you suggest our pre-school could be improved? “It doesn’t need improving! Don’t change a thing! Nothing, apart from I wish they didn’t have to leave! Keep doing what you are doing.”


Have we met your needs? “Oh yes! Daniel has just grown so much as a person.”


“Yes. I feel Jackie understands and knows Isabella and therefore is able to meet her needs. I feel her learning journey has really captured her and the stages, progress and observations are very accurate – well done Jackie!”


“We cannot thank YCPS enough for the work they have done with Clara, transforming her from a shy, anxious and unsettled little girl into the lively, confident girl she is today.”


“All of the pre-school staff are kind, caring, encouraging and fun, and they quickly get the measure of each child’s needs and personalities. Jamie has received excellent care at pre-school. He as made absolutely brilliant progress. He is going to be a young one going to school but we are really grateful to pre-school for ensuring he is ready for his next adventure.”


“Staff are wonderful and experienced, they spend a lot of time planning interesting and diverse activities and topics, and there is an excellent range of resources available.”


“YCPS are like family!”


 Leavers’ comments and letters received in Summer 2014:

“We are so very grateful for the foundation you have built for Ava’s next stage of learning.  We feel extremely lucky that Ava has had such enthusiastic teachers who have created such a fun place for her to come and learn.  Ava has LOVED every minute of her journey with you all and we are so impressed and proud of how far she has come.  Ava speaks so positively of all of you and is forever telling everyone close to her the funny things you have all done.  Thank you Jo, Ava has come on leaps and bounds.  I think Ava will really miss you in September.  All we have are positive things to say regarding you as Ava’s key person.  Thank you so much.”


“I would just like to say that this is by far the best pre-school I have had experience with.  I have not had to worry about sending Lana even when she has become upset or clingy.  The level of care and interaction in my opinion is excellent.  Thank you to all the staff.”


“To all the lovely ladies…. thank you all so much for looking after Lewis for the past two years.  Thank you for really getting to know him and for bringing out the best of him.  You are all wonderful people.”


“To all the amazing teachers ….Thank you for looking after me and for all the fun I have had.”


“A huge thank you for making my first term at pre-school so much fun.  I can’t wait to come more often.  Love Jack.  Thanks so much for making Jack’s first term at pre-school so exciting.  He tells everyone about it and is always so excited to know when it is a Wednesday.”


“To all the wonderful ladies… We would just like to say a really really ‘big’ thank you for everything you have done or Millie.  She has had a wonderful couple of years with you all.  You are all so LOVELY and we are going to miss you all very much.”


“Thank you for a fun filled, warm and kind welcome to Eleanor to Pre-school.  She adores it there and asks to come at weekends!  Thank you for being such happy and gentle ladies taking care of her and re-assuring her when needed.  It is such peace of mind to know she is happy and safe and not dreading going.  We look forward to a full year with you next year and can’t wait to see her skills develop with you.”


“Professional and experienced staff.  Different themes and topics.  Language groups, structure of sessions eg registration, music & movement, imaginative and original activities, garden area and use of school field.”


“The fact that all the staff know about my daughter’s day and they are all so involved and caring, it’s not just down to her key person.”


“I think for me it was just perfect.”


“Positive, friendly and always encouraging.”


“Everyone is very welcoming.”


“The fact that he enjoys going so much and I know he is safe and happy.”


“Seeing her come into school with a smile on her face and when she comes home she has lots to tell me.  She has had a great time, and with the help of all the staff being friendly and helpful made her settle into pre-school easily..  Great pre-school thank you.”


“The staff are great, friendly environment, love and care towards children.  Everything really.”


“Safe, friendly environment, weekly emails so I can understand the activities that are taking place.  Eila has excelled under the care at YCPS.”


“Parents are welcomed to be involved and the homely, caring atmosphere which the children clearly love.”


“Well informed throughout about their learning.  It is excellent, I can find no fault.”

“Thank you for all the great times Eila has had with you over the last two years.  She has really blossomed under your care which is all any parent can ask for.  We will both miss you.”


“To all the lovely ladies at ‘Elephant’ ..Thank you so much.  Highly recommended.”


“We would like to say a huge thank you for all the help & support you have given Aidan.  You all do a fab job & always make pre-school lots of fun for all the children.  Debbie has been a lovely key person for Aidan, he talks about her loads & always wants her to come for dinner or BBQ’s!  I am sure Aidan will miss you all.”


“To all the wonderful ladies … Thank you for all your help and support over the last 4 years.  You have been an amazing pre-school and its the staff that make it.”


“To all your fantastic staff … Thank you so much for all you have done with Max whilst he has been with you.  He has grown in so many ways and I know he will miss you all and me too.  Onwards and upwards, exciting times ahead.  Thanks loads.”


“We have been delighted with the care Oliver has been given and have enjoyed watching him flourish at pre-school.  You have fostered in him a love of school and learning.  Thank you so much.”


“Dear Janet … We would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for everything you have done for Sophie over the last two years……. We are so proud of the progress that she has made, learning to be more independent of us and of you, forming such lovely friendships….We thank you for the part you and your staff have played in this progress.  Yateley Community Pre-school is an exceptional pre-school and we feel very fortunate that we moved here and found you.  Thank you for all the love, encouragement, fun and learning you have provided during Sophie’s pre-school years, and for preparing her for her next big adventure.”


“It’s all been first class, he has exceeded my expectations.”


“Always kept informed.  Made better progress than expected, staff are always friendly.  Jo was absolutely brilliant.”


“Secure, fun and friendly.  Outstanding school with good reliable staff, how could you improve on that!”


“The friendly, happy, helpful staff which puts parents at ease when you are leaving your child.  The up to date email which informs you what your child will be looking at the following week.  The fun atmosphere.  I would recommend YCPS to anyone looking for a pre-school.”


“Love getting the Learning Journeys as we can see progress and add to it ourselves.”


“It’s warmth, friendliness & care.  We have never felt under pressure and Oliver LOVES school.”


“It’s a lovely setting.”


“Excellent, nurturing and personalised.”


“Thank you so much.  We have been so pleased with our choice of YCPS, we could not have asked for a better start to Oliver’s education.  You are all truly wonderful!”


“I feel there has been lots of information on his progress especially informally.  The information is always so positive.”


“You are doing a great job – fantastic pre-school.”


“Loving, child focussed and play-centric.”


“You have identified her interests and have also got her to try new wonderful things.”


“Really good diversity which has sometimes surprised us.  The effort you go to is great.”


 Leavers’ comments and letters received in Summer 2013:

“Dear Janet, We would like to say such a ‘huge’ thank you for looking after Elizabeth so brilliantly this year.  The year seems to have gone too fast and while she looks ever more ready to start ‘big school’, I am not sure that I am ready for it! Elizabeth, Jonny and William all have had such a great start at YCPS and I have always felt so at ease, able to voice any concerns or worries, however minor, to you.  Sometimes just by getting it off your chest, it helps to clarify the mind, and I have always been very grateful for that.  You always have time, as do all your staff, to stop and listen and have always provided sensible, sound advice. Elizabeth has made some good friends, mainly Sophie, who I am sure we will continue to see really often, especially at dance class!  She has grown in confidence and her personality has been allowed to flourish in your care. Many thanks for everything, we and especially myself are going to miss coming to Pre-school very much. Anna and the Moores family xxxx”


“Dear all the staff at YCPS, Chris and I would like to say a very heartfelt thank you.  Lucy and Emily have loved every minute of Pre-school and I know will miss you greatly! You are all so warm and kind and full of energy!  I have never seen any of you look irritated even though I am sure you must have had bad days!  I am always met with a smile and made to feel welcome even when the girls were doing the screaming thing when I picked them up – must have been the last thing you need at the end of a long day! Love and best wishes Karen, Chris, Lu, Em and George x”


“To Janet, Jennie and the rest of the wonderful Pre-school team, Thank you all so much for the care, love and attention you have given the girls during their time at Pre-school. Pre-school is such a well run, fun, caring environment for children to begin their education. John and I really appreciate the time and care you have given our girls especially during Abbie’s time at Pre-school. Freya and Jenna have loved Pre-school and are going to miss you very much 🙁 Many thanks Carla and John”


“Dear Janet and all the staff at YCPS, Thank you for making Jude’s Pre-school experience so positive and enjoyable. He has loved coming to Pre-school and has enjoyed taking part in so many different activities. We know he will miss you all, as he often talks about you, particularly those of you beginning with a ‘J like Jude!!’ We feel that you have given him an amazing preparation for school, not to mention a fantastic start to his education. We cannot thank you enough. With love and best wishes from Hilary and Ross 🙂 Thank you very much”


“To all the staff at YCPS, Paul and I would just like to say a thank you for helping Aidan settle in at Pre-school.  He seems to be doing so well and his confidence seems to be improving more week by week and it’s fab to watch him grow and develop so much.  You all do a fab job.  Hope you all have a lovely Summer holiday, you def deserve it and we look forward to seeing you in September.  Thank you again.  Lots of Love Jo and Paul”


“We are so impressed with YCPS, particularly the staff’s dedication and willingness to adapt to change with the new Early Years curriculum.  Staff always appear friendly and committed, even at the end of a busy term.”


“It has been a great year and I know the work you have all done has built a strong foundation for the years of learning to come.”


“There wasn’t a single day he complained about coming to YCPS, even in weekends sometimes he missed coming to YCPS.”


“Thank you very much to all the YCPS staffs forall the love and support you have given to Nirik for a year.  Nirik has thoroughly enjoyed one hundred percent his time with you and I am sure he is going to miss his Pre-school and YCPS staff.  He has become a confident boy to start his big school with all your hard work and dedication.”


“The staff really do make for a fun and happy environment for the children, the facilities are good but the staff make it.”


“Wonderful caring ladies and wide range of activities for the children to take part in.”


“The staff use their experience and knowledge of the children to offer sound advice.”


“Janet’s care and commitment to Erin has been invaluable and I am sure that she as we are will be forever grateful.”


“Thank you so much all of you and especially Janet and Jennie for welcoming us into Yateley when we first arrived here 2 ½ years ago.  When there were no places, you fitted us in.  I have loved getting to know you all and have my gorgeous girls have their first pre-school experience with you all.  YOU ARE ALL AMAZING.”

“Learning Journeys have been really good and also incidental chats with staff, particularly Janet has helped to keep us informed.”


“Friendly, welcoming atmosphere. ”


“The approachability and availability of the staff, their professionalism.”


“Warm, loving, nurturing. Jennie is amazing we love her.”


“Warm, attentive carers.  A wonderful atmosphere that even when chaotic the staff are calm and in control.”


“All the staff are charming especially Janet has got a very smiley face.”


“Could not recommend more glowingly.”


“YCPS has met and exceeded our child’s individual needs.”


“The care is excellent, jolly, comforting and secure.”


“Brilliant and I love the Learning Journeys.”


“Outstanding care, commitment and fun in as good a setting as any parent could ask for.”


“Excellent staff really care and always have time for the children.”


“Jackie has been a very good key person.”


“The staff are a great asset.”


And more letters and comments!…


“We have thoroughly enjoyed attending Yateley Community Pre-school, the staff are superb and Jake has really progressed with all the activities and care you provide.  Thank you so much and we are sorry we are having to leave.”


“Jack seems to be so happy at YCPS and even though I have now decided to have the year off work (so Jack won’t be going back to his child minder) we would like him to carry on doing his hours with you. The care, attention and kindness to the children shows through. Everyone always seems so happy and approachable. We can’t thank all the staff enough (and Debbie in particular ) for helping Jack grow. He has already started to grow in confidence and independence. He takes pride in telling his daddy in particular, about his time with you. Everyone always seems so happy and positive, and Jack always leaves very happy and very tired. We would always recommend YCPS to anyone who asks. Thanks go to everyone who works so hard to make it such a lovely place! I know it probably isn’t always easy but it definitely makes a difference!!”


“Tayah is very fond of all her teachers and often talks about them, telling tales of what they have said and done.  Tayah said ‘Liz is very funny she always dresses up, I love Liz.  Janet is great, I told her I like Annie so she sang songs and printed some pictures for me to colour, she’s great.  We done music and movement class today and Debbie was being really funny, making me laugh!’  We are so lucky that Tayah has great enthusiastic teachers who create a wonderful fun environment.”


“We are incredibly grateful for all you have done for Erin and Joseph before.  The care, professionalism, commitment and patience shown by you all makes you a credit to the profession (And probably slightly mad at times!)  Sarah and I could not have asked for more for the two things most precious  in our lives, our children.  Our words are given not because they sound nice, but because we mean them.  Thank you.  Mark and Sarah”

“Wow Aidan is doing amazingly well.  We are so proud of him.  This book has been shown to everyone close to Aidan and all are so impressed with his development.  His confidence is growing which is excellent.  Both Paul and I will help and encourage Aidan the best we can to help keep his confidence growing and make sure he is doing the best he can.  He is such a happy and loving child and we are just so proud of him.”


“My time at Pre-school is done And boy I’ve had so much fun. Cars, planes and trains and all the messy games!! The time has been truly great And you always new I was around because of my pitching sound! i will miss you all, and you will miss me, as I would turn at you and give you a nice grin!! Thank you for everything Lots of love Luke xxxx”


“Dear Janet and the YCPS staff, Thank you so much for giving Jude such a happy year at Preschool.  He has grown up so much during the year – from a toddler to a little boy.  Every now and again he comes out with a snippet of information that his ‘teachers’ told him! He is learning a great deal in your care and we are very grateful for the approach you take.  I always speak highly of you to all my friends and I think some of them are envious of the wholesome education that Jude is receiving!! Enjoy your Summer break Best wishes from Hilary, Ross and Jude”


“Dear all Tony and I would like to thank you all for making Leo’s Pre-school experience so much fun, he has loved every minute of Pre-school and I know he will miss it a lot.  Thank you for all you have done to make his first school experience a positive and fun one. Look forward to seeing you in a couple of years when Erin and Archie start!! Thanks again Helen”


“To all the staff at Pre-school. We wanted to say a big thank you for making Zoe’s time at Pre-school so wonderful, she has always loved coming and has always spoken kind words about all the staff and has bought home some beautiful things over the past two years.  I will miss seeing you all and I know Zoe will miss you all too. Thank you so much for your kindness, Jenny and Zoe”


“Dear Janet & team, Just wanted to drop you a note to thank you all for the part you have played in making Paul and I very proud parents this morning. We have just returned from Max’s first “celebration assembly” at “big school”, where he was named Star of the Week. He taught his class a new number song, the “999” song learned at YCPS. It is such a great rhyme and as a result he really knows the right number to call and when!. It isn’t just the song though. Max had such a wonderful experience at YCPS that he started YrR at Newlands with great confidence and enjoyment. I really could not have found a better place than YCPS for him to have started his experience of “school” and of being away from home and I am sure it is down to the dedication and sheer hard work of you and your fabulous team. I feel passionately that it is so important for children to start off with a positive experience and attitude towards school and education and so I cannot thank you all enough for what you have done. THANK YOU.”  Nicky Alexander


“Thank you so much….you have provided a wonderful and caring environment within which Sarah-Jane has blossomed.”


“To all my lovely teachers, Thank you for looking after me, showing and sharing new things with me and letting me be me! Lots of Love, Olivia”


“Thank you For looking after me For painting and play-doh and messy things For giving me a hug when I bumped my head For putting plaster on my knee For making great biscuits and cakes For letting me play outside in the rain For changing me when I got soaked For reading me stories and teaching me song For letting me dig in the mud Thank you for a lovely time! Love Elliot”


“To Janet. Thank you for all your hard work running the pre-school. You do a fantastic job and both my boys have loved coming. I will miss you all. Natasha Robinson xx”


“Dear Pre-school, Thank you so much for the fantastic start you have given James to education. He has really enjoyed his time with you and will miss you all. A special thanks to Jennie his key person, no longer can we use your name to tell when he is being a monkey!! Love the O’Reilly family”

“To Janet and all the staff at YCPS, Thank you so much for making Harry’s time at Pre-school such a wonderful and positive experience.  He has been nurtured and encouraged and become a really confident boy who is ready for the next step of his educational journey. I know he will miss you all but am certain he will never forget you or his time with you. Best wishes Sarah, Justin and Harry” 


“To Janet and her team (especially Liz), Thank you so much for the fantastic foundation to ‘school life’ you have given Elliot.  He has thoroughly enjoyed his time at Pre-school and I would like to commend you all for the time and effort put into the syllabus and the care. Thank you for all the special memories and for the wonderful book full of them, your investment in children is second to none. Elliot will miss you all, but is confident and ready for the new challenges of ‘big school’ at Newlands and I thank you for playing such a big part in getting him ready. Finally, a massive thank you to Liz who really took Elliot under her wing!  You are an amazing lady that deserves a medal for your total dedication, energy and compassion.  Elliot will miss you SO much. Have a great Summer holiday, you deserve it and see you in September for the beginning of Lewis’ journey THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU Tracy and Steve”


“To everyone at Yateley Community preschool. Thank you so much for educating and caring for our little girls and preparing them for school life. This is, without a doubt, the best preschool in the area. Thank you again. Alison and Ian Sullivan”


“To Janet and all staff members. Just to say thank you very much for everything you do with the kids. Holly has loved her time at pre-school, especially the painting!! I can’t believe she is now off to big school. I’m sure she will pop in when Luke starts. Please put the money towards some new paint and brushes as she has certainly used lots!!. Thank you again, you are wonderful and the school is great. Lots of love, Holly, Carol and Carl Jones xxx”


“To Janet and all the staff, It is sad to be say goodbye! Thank you so much for providing so many positive experiences and happy memories for both Lana and Isaac! Isaac has had a wonderful time at Pre-school and is now ready to join the ‘Big Kids’ at Newlands. Cate, Rick, Lana and Isaac”


“Thank you for all your help and support with the boys over the years.  We have enjoyed our time with you and will be sad to leave the YCPS family.  With Love Helen, Alistair, Angus and Fraser”


“Dear Janet, I wanted to put pen to paper to say a big thankyou to you and your team. The team at YCPS have encouraged and looked after Eva, and she in turn has flourished into a confident, caring and capable young girl. She has really enjoyed her first year at YCPS and we look forward to coming back in September. Yours sincerely, Paula McLoughlin”


“Many many thanks for all your hard work with Jonny and now Elizabeth this year. Jonny has been so very happy here and will very much miss you all when the time comes to leave next week. We have seen him thrive and have all his interests supported and encourage at school.  As you know, he is never happier than when captain of his Pirate ship, telling someone to walk the  plank!  We recognize there has been a conscious effort to support his interests and let him fly with them. Many thanks again Anna, Steve, William, Jonny and Elizabeth”

“I am just writing to tell you how happy I am that Jorja joined your pre school in September of this year. In just one month she has settled incredibly well considering her insecurity and self confidence issues that were in my opinion caused by her last preschool. To give you an idea, on her first day at your school Jorja walked with her head held high and skipped out of the building when I picked her up happily singing! She was and still is so happy every time she goes to pre school and continuously chats about her day such as “the teacher helped me with this…”, or “the teacher said that”…all very positive things. She has very recently even come home and said that “Janet looks after me”. She is always referencing the school in such a happy and confident way and I cannot thank you and your staff enough for your attention to detail and fun and enthusiasm every time we drop her off. And a special thank you from me for your community spirit which I feel comes from you and all your staff. It is so lovely to feel a part of the preschool family in such a short time, something both myself and my husband feel is critical to her education. In comparison, Jorja spent the last two terms at a school that was considered Outstanding by Ofsted: there was a real lack of support for new children and Mums starting the school and no community/family feel to it at all. Jorja did not like going to that school and every day would cling to me when I dropped her off and would rush out the door when picked up and almost always walked with her head down, unhappy when leaving the school. Even after talks with the head teacher nothing seemed to change – hence me changing schools. So myself and my husband would like to give you and your staff a HUGE thank you for the work and support you are already giving us and in particular Jorja. She is a much more confident girl and her self-worth has increased dramatically since attending your school…I am amazed that some days I have to talk her into coming home! Best wishes, Zania Ballentine”


“To all the lovely, lovely teachers at Yateley Pre-school. What can we say! We have seen our 3 children pass through your doors and grow and develop into explorers and confident happy children. We have all loved the fact they have spent their formative years with you all, because I doubt any other group could exceed our expectations as you have. You never cease to amaze us with the wonderful array of things that they come home with, that cover all areas of the curriculum. We owe you a big debt of gratitude and wish you all every success in the future – a jolly big rest would be useful as well. All our love and respect, Vickie, John, Maddie, Alex and Daniel XXXXX”


“Thank you to all of you for being so supportive and patient with Freddie whilst he settled in to pre-school. We are so pleased with how confident and happy he is. Thanks for all the stories on his arrivel in those early days! A big thank you to Debbie for being his key person. Love Alex x”


“A huge thank you for giving Freddie such a great start to his education – he’s really loved it. Best wishes, Nick”


“Dear Janet, I just wanted to say a huge thank you for all that you have done for Sophie but also Oliver and Hannah over the last few years. Yateley Community Pre-school is such a lovely, happy and welcoming environment and it’s a credit to your leadership and endless work that you put in. I’ll miss coming to the pre-school but we all have very happy memories – thank you. I hope you have a lovely summer break, well deserved and hopefully we will see you around Yateley from time to time. With love, Hilary.”


“To Janet. Thank you very much for what you have done for me, it is appreciated. Amy and I will miss you loads!!! Sam and Amy xxxx”


“To all staff at Yateley Community pre-school. Thank you all for making Freddie’s transition to school a smooth one. Debbie, thank you for all your wonderful support as Freddie’s key person. Heather x”


“Thank you for looking after me. Freddie”


“Thank you very much for all the love and support you have shown George and my family over the last 3 years. George has thoroughly enjoyed his time with you and is confident and ready to progress to “big” school. Thank you. J Langley”


“To Janet, I am going to miss you, I’ve had lots of fun at pre-school. Love Imogen xx”


“I just wanted to say a huge thank you to all the staff at YCPS for the wonderful start you have given Elliot. He has blossomed into a very caring and confident young boy who is now thoroughly enjoying “big” school. He settled in really quickly and really enjoyed his sessions making a firm friend in Liz! The variety of topics covered and the imaginative garden area really inspired him to learn. It is quite amazing looking back at what he has achieved in such a relatively short space of time.I am so pleased with the set-up here that my second son Lewis is now also at YCPS and I wouldn’t have looked anywhere else as I truly believe this is the best pre-school. He is already settled and looks forward to going so much that he starts asking on Monday if it’s a school day for him! (He currently only attends on a Wed and Fri morning.) Thank you all very much! Here’s to another 2 years! Tracy, Steve, Elliot and Lewis xxxx”


“Our daughter had been going to a child-minder three days a week but we felt that she needed to benefit from the pre-school environment. And we are so glad we did! Hannah quickly settled into the pre-school and came home every time full of excitement as she could not wait to tell us what she had done that day. Liz was definitely her favourite teacher and we really appreciated the time she spent with her to introduce her to reading and books in preparation for going to Year R. Thank you to all the staff at YCPS for helping to make our little girl ready and more than capable for big school!”