Pre-School Learning Alliance

Information about the Pre-School Learning Alliance


Yateley Community Pre-School is a member of the Pre-School Learning Alliance which is a leading educational charity, specializing in the Early Years. They provide practical support to over 15,000 early years settings and they support and actively promote parental involvement.


Their work is dedicated to supporting the work of community pre-schools, through training courses, quality assurance schemes, visits from skilled advisors and through a wide range of publications and merchandise.


The Pre-School Learning Alliance is the largest grass-roots movement committed to the education and well being of children and to the value of education as the means to a better life for the community as a whole.


There are 400 branches, made up from member pre-schools, and together they shape the direction of the charity.


Pre-schools and the Pre-School Learning Alliance are committed to the needs of children and that parents are their first and most important educator. The Pre-School Learning Alliance through pre-schools, work with parents, supporting them in the management of their children’s behaviour and in activities which can be a source of enjoyment and learning at home.


The Pre-School Learning Alliance plays an active role in communicating with the Government and the media in all aspects of policy relating to the Early Years sector.


Further information can be found on their web site